Black Bear Filmfest (BBFF) is a young audience-driven genre filmfestival from Poland.

    BBFF first saw the light of day in December 2013 in the epic Kinoteka cinema housed in the Palace of culture and science. During a period of seven days, the varsovian audience got a taste of the freakiest, scariest, edgiest and coolest genre films out there.

    Our program consists of a broad variety of genre films, focussing on one basic emotion: fear. This focal point enables us to present a wide variety of quality cinema, rather than limit the festival's selection to horror and fantasy themed films.

    The festival's unconventional program is divided into five sections: 
    -  FRESH BLOOD competition section for first or second features
    -  NIGHT SHIFT best in thrills and shock cinema
    -  SELECTED FEATURES the beating heart of our program
    -  GET SHORTY precious Polish and international genre shorts
    -  HEAD-ON inventive films that center around young adults and their fears

    Special screenings include: 
    - DIRECTOR'S SPOTLIGHT because talent needs to be nurtured
    - CENTER PIECE that special slot for that special standout feature
    - LITTLE BEAR (kid's special) fantastic film for our youngest audience
    - BEAT THE SILENCE epic silent film meets edgy electronic beats

    Black Bear's second edition will span 14 days from November 28 until December 11 2014. Starting this year, the festival will take place in the city of Lodz aswell as in Warsaw.  

  • Made By

    Artur Brzozowski
    & Tom Lukaszewicz







    KINOTEKA is undoubtedly much more than just a cinema. Located in Warsaw's number one landmark, the Palace of Culture and Science.The cinema offers not only the latest in quality films but also a unique atmosphere. The authentic 50's decor and impressive foyer take visitors back in time before they embark ona cinematic journey. KINOTEKA is equipped with modern screening facilities and is a member of EUROPACINEMAS.


    Kino 3D Wytwórnia znajduje się na terenie kompleksu Łąkowa 29, dawnej siedziby łódzkiej Wytwórni Filmów Fabularnych. Kino to miejsce, w którym tradycja łódzkiej fabryki snów spotyka się z nowoczesnością i niespotykanym dotąd komfortem.

    Sala kinowa 10A dawnej Wytwórni Filmów Fabularnych odmieniła się nie do poznania, stając się jednocześnie jedną z najnowocześniejszych sal kinowych w Polsce odrestaurowanych w duchu minionej epoki.

    Wspaniały obraz, wzorcowa akustyka zaprojektowana przez Jakuba Kirszensztajna, niespotykany komfort, a przy tym kameralna atmosfera i połączenie biznesu ze sztuką to trend, który wyznaczać będzie Kino 3D Wytwórnia


    Kinoteka Multiplex
    Pałac Kultury i Nauki
    (entrance located in al. Jerozolimskich)
    Plac Defilad 1
    00-901 Warszawa





    Apart from being Poland’s capital and largest city, it’s one of the most interesting and lively cultural epicentres of Eastern Europe. The city's cultural and urban landscape has been evolving immensely since the fall of the iron curtain in the late 1980’s. Today, Warsaw is a popular destination because of it’s diverse architecture, upcoming art scene and lively nightlife.
    BBFF contributes to the cultural landscape of the city by providing a diverse scala of cultural events in addition to the main program.

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    In case your stomach is growling (like a black bear), you're looking for a watering hole or want to put your dancing shoes on: 



  • WE ♥ LODZ

    Our second homebase Lodz (Łodz) is undoubtedly one of the most promising places in Poland. Fighting hard over the last couple of years to shake off its grey and post-industrial image, the third largest city of Poland is evolving into a modern, European city with a lively art scene and is putting itself on the map as a cultural hotspot. The city has recently started to host the Polish Fashion Week and starting from this year...Black Bear Filmfest! We invite you to join us to make Lodz part of our quest to present the latest in cutting-edge genre cinema... see you in Lodz!